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HUI Kitchens is based in Upper Hutt and offers attentive, high-quality kitchen installations and renovations throughout the Wellington region.


We specialise in custom made kitchens that are both functional and look great—something you’ll love to show off to your visitors.


Our services include the design, manufacture and installation of custom made kitchen cabinetry and benchtops.

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A Choice of Kitchen Counter Tops


Engineered Stone benchtops

Engineered Stone is a slab stone composed of crushed quartz bound together by a polymer resin. Engineered stone benchtops are favoured over natural slabs because they resist stains and scratches. Its non-porous qualities also make it a more hygienic option. Engineered Stone comes in a variety of varying contemporary and elegant designs.


High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) benchtops

HPL is widely available option and is considered as one of the most decorative surface materials as the look can be customised. It also remains the most economical material for benchtop surfaces.


Acrylic benchtops


Acrylic benchtops are non-porous and have seamless joins. They are stain-resistant and easy to clean but the big advantage of Acrylic is no gaps—making it one of the most hygienic surfaces. Acrylic benchtops can be easily repaired and re-polished years later to make them look new again. Their one weakness is hot pots and pans, however, burn marks can be buffed out.


Ceramic or Porcelain benchtops


Ceramic or Porcelain slabs are formed of low-porosity, high-density ceramic. They are a kiln-baked blend of clay, glass, ceramic, and quartz, resulting in an ultra-compact, practically indestructible surface. Furthermore, no harmful chemicals or resins are used in the manufacturing process. Porcelain’s great heat and fire resistance makes it a great product to use as a benchtop, especially around cooktops. Porcelain is highly resistant to liquids, acidic substances, and is highly scratch resistant.


A Selection of Kitchen Joinery


Melamine cabinets

Melamine is a synthetic material that’s composed of wood particles, paper and resins. Having a paper and resin finish means that Melamine kitchen cabinets are available in a wide variety of styles and colours. They’re reliable, durable, easy to clean and resistant to moisture, heat and stains. Melamine is one of the least expensive cabinet materials.


Acrylic cabinets

Acrylic is a finish that gives kitchen cabinets that impeccably smooth high-gloss look. The most significant advantage to opting for acrylic kitchen cabinets is their appearance. The glossy sheen can help your kitchen appear more vibrant, open, and visually appealing. Acrylic is noted for being incredibly durable and will retain its appearance for many years.


Plywood cabinets

Plywood is a sturdy material made from layers of wood sheets that are compressed together. Plywood is an excellent option for kitchen cabinetry. Its main advantage is strength and because it holds screws and other mechanical fasteners more efficiently, it has a longer lifespan. Plywood cabinets give a trim and polished, wooden finish look.

Kitchen Hardware



We recommend Hettich Hinges and Fittings, Drawer Systems, Drawer Runners, and Folding Doors.

Hettich is a family-owned German company. It is one of the largest fabricators of furniture fittings in the world. Hettich components are high-quality, remarkably durable and backed by their Superior Assurance Lifetime Warranty.

The HUI Kitchens Process


Step 1. Preliminary Design

Make an appointment and meet with one of our designers. We’re happy to listen to all of your kitchen ideas and requirements. In our showroom we can demonstrate a range of materials, accessories, and colours to help.

Step 4. Manufacture

Once you’ve approved the design and price we’ll start to produce your kitchen in our workshop. It will take approximately three to six weeks to manufacture your custom-made kitchen. The completion time is dependent on many factors, including the size of your kitchen, the products used, and the time of year.

Step 2. Drawings

After we've discussed your ideal kitchen, we'll provide you some preliminary kitchen concept designs.

Step 5. Installation

Upon completion of the manufacturing process, we’ll deliver and install your kitchen on your site with our own professional installers.

Step 3. Final Drawings

We’ll refine our drawings to suit your requirements, pus confirm what you want in relation to benchtops, sinks, doors, draws, accessories, handles, along with colours and any other details. At this stage, we can price up your kitchen based on chosen options.

Step 6. Enjoy!

The kitchen’s then yours to enjoy.

Get in touch and find out how we can help with your kitchen project.